John Coltrane in Jeep Grand Cherokee Ads

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In the early 1990's Jeep launched an advertising campaign for the Jeep Grand Cherokee that featured images and videos of John Coltrane. The TV ad featured here juxtaposes video clips of Coltrane  with those of the Jeep Grand Cherokee while "Niama" plays in the background.

I have found multiple print advertisements that feature photos of Coltrane as well as the embeded video here. If you have any more informtion on this advertisting campaign please let me know!

John Coltrane in Jeep Grand Cherokee Ad

Transcription of TV commercial:

Jeep Grand Cherokee
Music to the Road
John Coltrane
Music to the Soul
The Statement?
Pure Poetry
The Expression?
Pure Genius
Which is why the Jeep Grand Cherokee succeeds
Like the sound of John Coltrane, just by being itself
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Now Available with a V8 engine

This ad bares resemblance to the Pioneer Electronics commerical that features Sonny Rollins.

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