Gerry Mulligan Cameo in The Rat Race (1960)

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Gerry Mulligan as a seasoned cruise ship tenor player!

This entry is part II of a two-part series featuring scenes from the 1960 movie, The Rat Race. Part I featured the infamous saxophone audition scene with Sam Butera, and this part showcases the brief Gerry Mulligan cameo as a seasoned crusie ship tenor player (yes, tenor player). 

This scene opens up with Tony Curtis (as Pete Hammond) playing bari sax in a cruise ship band alongside the legendary Gerry Mulligan. At this point in the movie Hammond is in love with his girlfiend and immedately begins writing her a letter as soon as the band stops playing. Mulligan then puts his arm around Hammond and chastises him for not "mixing" with patrons. Watch the clip to witness Mulligan's stellar delivery!


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