Parks and Rec.: Jazz + Jazz = Jazz

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"Now it’s time for Jazz Plus Jazz Equals Jazz.  Today, we have a recording of Benny Goodman, played over a separate recording of Miles Davis." - Leslie Knope

This scene is from Parks and Recreation, S05E08, "Pawnee Commons." It was written by Alexandra Rushfield and first aired on November 29, 2012 to 2.99 million viewers. Leslie turns to the public for help with designing a park by going on the local public Pawnee radio station. While at the radio station the DJ (played by Dan Castellaneta of Homer Simpson fame) has Leslie announce the music for the  segment "Jazz Plus Jazz Equals Jazz." Once the Miles Davis/Benny Goodman mashup begins Leslie's facial expressions show clear disgust. In response the DJ says, off air, "Research shows that our listeners love jazz...".

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