Grey Goose Commercial: Wayne Escoffery

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This Grey Goose Vodka commercial uses Wayne Escoffery, his quartet, and his music as the focal point for their advertisement. The most striking aspect is that the spoken words and the audio are nearly entirely focused on the music itself. It is interesting to hear how the producers attempted to incorporate the bar sounds into the music. I have not yet found the commercials original airdate. Please let me know in the comments below if you have any additional information. Below is a transcription of the voiceover.

This is where jazz musicians go to hear each other play. From this room you're transported to places all over the world and feelings from all over your life. That's why you come here. To be take there. Grey Goose. Worlds best tasting vodka.

Wayne Escoffery has enjoyed an illustrious career as a performer. Please visit his website,, for more.

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