Family Guy: Al Jarreau Jazeera

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"Car bombin in Syria! Skittly-boo-bah-dee yeah! Thirty-seven people killed! Oooh the people the dead!" - Al Jareau

The cartoon Family Guy featured a short clip that included jazz singer Al Jarreau in the episode “Quaigmire’s Mom,” season 13, episode 10 (S13E10, 2015). This clip shows the Griffen’s watching television when a news segment appears for “Al Jarreau Jazeera” in which Jarreau sings about a car bombing in Syria. "Al Jarreau Jazeera” is a thinly veiled reference to the Middle Eastern news network Al Jazeera. This episode first aired on February 8, 2015 to 2.81 million people.

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