Arthur featuring Joshua Redman and Yo-Yo Ma

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Yo-Yo Ma and Joshua Redman get in a "fight" on the hit PBS show Arthur! Plus, Joshua Redman plays a bike pump and a vacuum cleaner.

The children’s cartoon and television series Arthur featured cellist Yo-Yo Ma and jazz saxophonist Joshua Redman in their final episode of season 10, titled “My Music Rules/That’s a Baby Show!” It was the seventy-fifth episode overall and originally aired on November 8, 1999 on PBS. The premise of the first half, “My Music Rules” is that the local library is looking for a musician to perform for the shows main characters. Ultimately Arthur and his friend get Joshua Redman to perform, while at the same time, unbeknownst to Arthur and co., another student got Yo-Yo Ma to perform. The students soon begin to imagine musical battle between Yo-Yo Ma and Joshua Redman, with each student taking sides: classical or jazz. Much to the children’s surprise, the Ma and Redman show deep respect toward the other’s music. Ma and Redman convince the students that they do not have to pick one side, jazz or classical, and that both are fun, beautiful, and engaging. The show ends with a duet. Hilariously, Arthur hears someone say that Redman can "play anything," and begins imagining him playing vacuum cleaners and bike pumps.  

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