Scottie Pippen and Thelonious Monk: Nike Commercial

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Thelonious Monk and Scottie Pippen in a Nike commercial!? Better believe it!

This Nike commercial, "Silent Assassin," from their 1996-1997 ad campaign is an abstract collection of themes that paint a mysterious portrait of the Chicago Bulls basketball star Scottie Pippen. Themes within this commercial include:

  • Crows
  • High Wire
  • Shoe Shopplifting
  • Security Alarm called "Silent Assassin" 
  • A cheetah
  • Thelonious Monk

This commercial is definitely open to intrepretation, but I love the thelonious monk reference, which occurs directly at the beginning of the commercial with "Ladies and gentleman, Thelonious Monk," and later with a live clip of Monk performing "Blue Monk." This later scene is preceded by a voiceover stating "To imply the missing note that is inbetween." Robert Goldman and Stephen Papson's analyze the ad in their book, Nike Culture: The Sign of the Swoosh on pages 59-60 here.

******Scottie Pippen ON AMAZON******

******Thelonious Monk ON AMAZON******

******Nike ON AMAZON******

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