Miles Davis, Sanborn cameo in Scrooged

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Miles Davis Busking! Ever thought you would see Miles playing on the street for money...with David Sanborn and Paul Shaffer? Yeah, me neither!

From the youtube description:

Miles Davis group cameo on movie "Scrooged" (with Bill Murray) playing "We Thee Kings" also know as "We Three Kings of Orient Are" or "The Quest of the Magi" ( John Henry Hopkins, Jr)
Miles Davis group : Miles Davis, Larry Carlton, David Sanborn, Paul Schaffer
"Scrooged" (Fantômes en Fête) is a movie directed by Richard Donner in 1988

As Bill Murray and co. make their way through the crowded street of onlookers the camera focuses a sign that reads "Feed the starving musicians," as an extra an the film tosses a couple coins into an instrument case. Bill Murray then says:

Bill Murray: "Why don't the cops do something about this? Excuse me please. Great, rip off the hicks why don't you. What, did you learn the song last night?

Miles (in name only) also makes an appearance in the entry on Jerry Maguire

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